Queen Mathilde of Belgium

Chocolatier Goossens was founded in 1955 by René Goossens, who set the standard for what Goossens is today. In 1977, René was named National President of the Federation of Belgian Confectioners, serving in this role until 1989. During that period, Chocolatier Goossens became a household name in the Belgian chocolate industry.

Goossens’ range of fine, handmade chocolates has grown over the years, but the superior quality has remained. To us, making chocolates is much more than a profession, it’s a lifelong passion!

Photo:  Erik Goossens presents the “Mathilde” chocolate to Queen Mathilde of Belgium



King Baudoin of Belgium

Craftsmanship-level skills have been developed in the confectioner’s workshop, and only the finest chocolate and hand-selected natural ingredients go into each product. Freshness – that is our guarantee to the customer.

Today, the promises made by René Goossens are carried out by his son, Erik Goossens, who has been in charge of the family business since 1991. The quality Belgian chocolates are enjoyed by locals, industry leaders, royalty, and are now available here in the U.S

Photo: René Goossens, Erik’s Dad, presenting chocolates to King Baudouin of Belgium