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Logo KnackAll About Chocolate (19/12/2007)
“Antwerp master-chocolatier René Goossens has written an interesting book on chocolate. In “De Chocolade Codex”, the honorary member of the Confrérie des Chocolatiers de France reveals all his secrets. The multifaceted book is intended for both chocolate-lovers as well as experienced chocolatiers. The first part deals extensively with the culture of chocolate, with chapters such as: the cradle of chocolate, the classification of the beans, production, chocolate in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and chocolate and your health.”
Article source: Weekend Knack, p.130, 166w.

Het Volk My Life’s Work is Finally Finished (15/11/2007)
Founder of Chocolatier Goossens releases his own “De Chocolade Codex”.
The business has been operational for fifty years, and that’s a cause for celebration. René Goossens, founder of Chocolatier Goossens, is releasing his own “De Chocolade Codex”. “I worked on it for three years.” A chat with the elder statesman of chocolatiers and his son, Erik.
”These are red-letter days, and that won’t change until the end of the year,” says René Goossens.
Article source: Het Volk, 15/11/2007, page 52, 530 w., Christine De Herdt, photos: Koen Fasseur
Het Laatste Nieuws LogoOne and a Half Tons of Chocolate Sent to the US (19/12/2007)

Het laatse nieuws The one and a half tons of chocolate that the American ambassador, Sam Fox, ordered in Antwerp this autumn has reached its destination. Chocolatier Erik Goossens manufactured 1,500 bars of 1 kilogram high-quality chocolate stamped with the ‘Great Seal’, the eagle that has served as the seal of the American government since 1782. Ambassador Fox had the bars sent in gift boxes as an end-of-year gift, reputedly all the way up to the White House. What he had to pay for the order remains a closely-guarded secret. (GVV)
Article source: GUY VAN VLIERDEN; Het Laatste Nieuws, 19/12/2007, page 5, 80 w