The Best Artisan Luxury Belgian Chocolates

4 Faceted Chocolate Hearts in Luxury Transparent Box with Ribbon


Erik Goossens created these faceted heart shaped chocolates as a tribute to his home town Antwerp

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This box contains one milk, two ruby and one dark faceted heart shaped diamond chocolates.  The milk chocolate heart is filled with a grapefruit paste and a butterscotch truffle filling.   The milk base chocolate is sourced from Grand Cru terroirs from Java (Indonesia).

The dark chocolate heart has a layer of banana cream on top of a truffle filling.

The dark base chocolate is Goossens’ own blend of organic cacao beans sourced from Grand Cru terroirs located in Venezuela, Ghana, Tanzania, Cameroon and Sao Tome. The two ruby (milk) chocolates are filled with a blueberry paste and ganache.

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