The Best Artisan Luxury Belgian Chocolates

Cointreau Chocolate Truffles

Cointreau chocolate truffles

This recipe is for about 40 pieces Ingredients: 9 ounces (250 g) dark chocolate, between 60 and 70% cacao 4.5 ounces (125 g) butter 1 1/4 cup of Cointreau 1 lb (500 g) chocolate shavings Preparation: – Mix the couverture with the soft butter until smooth. – Add the Cointreau and mix again until smooth. […]

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake

Serves 8 Ingredients: 125 g soft butter 125 g powdered sugar 80 g molten chocolate 2 eggs (A2, eggs of 60 grams each) 125 g self raising flour 10 g cocoa powder Preparation: – Mix the butter and the sugar and beat into a white mixture. – Add the chocolate, eggs and the pith of […]

Chocolate Brownies

Brownie recipe

For 24 brownies of 5 by 5 cm Ingredients: 225 g fondant chocolate 100 g butter 4 eggs 325 g sugar Salt Vanilla-extract 150 g sieved flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 100 g pecan nuts Preparation: – Melt and mix the chocolate and butter (microwaves are perfect for this). – Loosely beat eggs, sugar, salt […]

Chocolate Orangettes

Orangette recipe

For 200 Orangettes Ingredients: Candied (soft) strips of orange peel Cocoa powder 300 g tempered couverture Preparation: – Turn the strips over in the cocoa powder and then place in a (flour) sieve to remove the excess cocoa powder. – Using a chocolate dipping fork (or a normal fork), drag the strips through the couverture, […]